Bespoke Retreats

Tailormade adventures for individuals, couples and small groups

Imagine an experience so personalised, where every detail and every moment is tailored especially for you. Whether you seek tranquillity, transformation or a tangible shift in your life, our Bespoke Retreats are the catalyst for the changes you want to make. Let us guide you in creating an experience that is not just fulfilling but extraordinary.

Create Your Own Adventure

Every aspect of your bespoke retreat is tailored to your unique preferences, ensuring an experience that is in total alignment with your personal needs, interests and goals.

Slow Down & Reconnect

You have the freedom to choose the length and pace of your experience, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your time availability and desired intensity, whether you seek a brief rejuvenation or an extended transformative journey.

Heal & Transform

Bespoke retreats are perfect for those seeking a deeper level of transformation through 1:1 sound therapy, voice analysis & vibrational retuning, coaching, human design consultations and plant medicine journeys.

Elevate & Expand

Enjoy the luxury of our focused attention, with activities and sessions that allow you to dive deeper into your process without distractions, and go beyond what you think is possible.


An Intimate and Life-Changing Experience

The story of our bespoke retreats is a journey of passion, transformation, and discovery, deeply rooted in the enchanting landscapes of Crete.

Edward started hosting individual retreats in 2017, guiding people on
personalised journeys throughout the island, which combined coaching
with excursions and solitude time in nature.

Our mutual love for Crete, coupled with the joy of welcoming visitors and creating immersive activities, naturally led to us combining our work to offer bespoke retreats.

Every bespoke retreat is designed in collaboration with our clients to meet their unique needs and goals. They catalyse profound changes in the participants, offering an intimate time where fun and transformation intertwine, set against the backdrop of Crete’s enchanting beauty.

Our personalised Find Your Magic Retreats in Crete are available all year round and are fully customisable depending on your needs, whether that’s a weekend of activities, a full-week adventure, or an extended itinerary.

If you’re travelling alone, with your partner, or with a group of friends who want to find your magic together, we can create the perfect experience for you. You can choose from a wide range of options to suit your mood, budget, and intention. Everything is possible!

1/ Fill in our contact form and tell us more about your dream retreat. You can also choose to book a free chat with us to talk in more detail about what you’re looking for.

2/ If we feel a Bespoke Retreat is right for you, we’ll arrange an in-depth consultation over Zoom.

3/ We’ll then send you a Retreat Proposal with options for excursions, activities, accommodation etc. This will include our proposed Fee. 

4/ From your feedback, we’ll finalise your Retreat Itinerary together.

5/ You’ll then pay your Deposit (25% of the Fee) and sign your contract.

6/ You’ll either pay the full amount upon booking or arrange a 3-part instalment plan (the full amount must be paid 4 weeks prior to the retreat start date).

7/ Depending on your program, we’ll arrange 1 or more Preparation Calls prior to your retreat. During that time, you will book your flights and accommodation (with our support) and let us know your details.

8/ Prepare for take-off, and see you in Crete 🙂

The Find Your Magic Commitment

We believe in the transformative power of our retreats. Therefore, we offer this promise: If you diligently attend every preparation call, actively participate in all activities and sessions during the retreat, and engage in the suggested integration process afterwards, yet observe no significant change in yourself or your life, we will refund our fee, minus retreat expenses (petrol, materials, food costs etc).

Terms for Guarantee:

  • Participants must fully engage in all aspects of the retreat, including preparation and integration processes.
  • The request for a refund must be made within 30 days post-retreat.
  • Agreed refunds will be processed within 60 days of the request.

Q: How do I know if a Bespoke Retreat is right for me? A: Our retreats are designed for those seeking personal transformation in a supportive, immersive environment. If you’re open to exploring new perspectives and engaging deeply in self-discovery, our retreats could be a perfect fit.

Q: What can I expect in terms of accommodation? A: Crete offers a wide range of accommodation options, from cosy and affordable to luxurious. Prices vary based on your preferences and the season.

Q: Are meals included in the retreat price? A: Most meals are included as per your personalised retreat plan. However, some meals might be excluded, allowing you the freedom to explore local cuisine on your own.

Q: What is the refund policy if I have to cancel my retreat? A: Please see the ‘Payment & Cancellation Terms’ section above for details. 

Q: What kind of activities can I expect during the retreat? A: Activities are tailored to your needs and interests, ranging from sound therapy and body psychotherapy to creative workshops and local excursions. Each retreat is a unique experience, shaped by your personal journey.


fully tailormade

After a careful pre-retreat preparation phase, we’ll devise a tailored program around your unique needs, combining some of the 12 ingredients of a Find Your Magic retreat.

This can include:

    • Coaching
    • Sound therapy
    • Body psychotherapy
    • Fitness
    • Embodiment & movement
    • Creative consulting
    • Plant medicine journeys

You can either choose to know the full program in advance or be surprised at every step of the way.



Depending on your budget and preference, we’ll help you arrange the perfect accommodation for your retreat.

We have access to a wide range of options for your stay:

  • A private villa with a pool
  • An apartment with sea view
  • A boutique hotel
  • A stylish retreat centre
  • A nomadic experience in our Dacia Duster (Mr Darcy), roof tent and kitchen
  • Wild camping on the beach
  • And more…


Choose Your Adventure

Discover some of Crete’s most magical spots with immersive nature excursions.

  • Swim in tranquil lakes and breathtaking waterfalls
  • Hike epic gorges and Crete’s stunning White Mountains
  • Horse-ride along the beach at sunrise
  • Relax on remote pristine beaches
  • Experience the joy of wild camping under the stars


We’ll guide you through new adventures each adapted to your level, inviting you to challenge yourself and expand beyond your comfort zone in a safe and loving way.



Nutritious and delicious food is an integral part of every Find Your Magic experience.

While Crete is renowned for its incredible produce, full of sun-drenched, earthy flavours, the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest on Earth.

Whether its a private chef or one of our favourite local tavernas, we adapt the menu to your preferences to make sure you’ll enjoy every bite.



The Fine Print

Terms & Conditions


Sample itineraries

Here are two sample proposals to get a taste of what’s on offer:


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